We are twelve voluntary members of the Indus Peace Park Society, initiated by the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park Association, which is associated with Rotary International.
All our volunteers are members of Rotary clubs in various countries.
"Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."                                                        
 - Margaret Mead  
Kees van der Pol.jpg
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Kees van der Pol, Nakusp, BC 

Rotary Club of Nakusp, District 5080. Rotarian for 15-years
Classification: High School Principal (Retired) 
District Governor 2016-17, District Youth Services Chair 2018-21, 
Waterton-Glacier Peace Park Association Director 2015-21,
RAG for Peace Member, Pacific Northwest PETS Registrar 2018-24.

Richards Anthony (2).jpg
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Anthony Richards, Lahore, Punjab


Rotary Club of Lahore Midtown, District 3272.  Rotarian for 24 Years.
Classification:  CIO, Higher Education Information Technology
District Governor 2012-13, GSE Team Leader 2003-04 to District 5390 Montana, USA, District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair 2018-21

Singhal Barjesh (2).jpg
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Barjesh Singhal, Jalandhar, Punjab


Rotary Club of Jalandhar, District 3070.  Rotarian for 26 years
Classification:  Stock & Commodity Broker.
District Governor 2018-19

Prinzing Carl (2).jpg
Carl Prinzing, Missoula, MT

Committee Member

Rotary Club of Missoula Sunrise, District 5390.  Rotarian for 27 years
Classification:  Real Estate Broker / Owner
District Governor 2003-05, Past Foundation Chair, Past RYLA Chair,
Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park Association President
Past Regional Foundation Chair, Service Above Self Award

Talwar Deepak (2).jpg
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Deepak Talwar, Delhi


Rotary Club of Chanakyapuri New Delhi, District 3011. Rotarian for 38 years
Classification:  International Trading Commodities – Cement/Gypsum/Limestone
District Governor 2005-06, Associate District Trainer (RI 3270 Pakistan),
District Trainer 2008-09, DRFC 2009-13, ARFC 2013-17, ARC 2017-18
Rotary Friendship Exchange Chair 2018-19

Sekhon Gurjeet (2).JPG
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Gurjeet Sekhon, Amritsar, Punjab


Rotary Club of Amritsar Civil Lines, District 3070.  Rotarian for 24 years
Classification:  Computer Education
District Governor 2014-15, Assistant Rotary Coordinator 2017-19, District Trainer 2016-17, DGSC (3X), Facilitator at Dubai Institute 2017, Kaula Lumpur Institute 2017, Chairman, District Trainer Training Seminar
Vice-Secretary, Rotary Institute 2018, Secretary, Rotary Institute 2019

Ojiambo Josephine (2).JPG
Flag of Kenya.jpg
Josephine Ojiambo, Nairobi

Committee Member

Rotary Club of Nairobi, District 9212.  Rotarian for 14 years
Classification: Former Ambassador of the Government of Kenya 
Immediate Past Deputy-Secretary General Commonwealth, Pubic Health Physician and Technical Resource Person on Sustainable Development and Governance, Director of Committee on International Affairs, Immediate Past President of the Rotary Club of Westminster West, Rotary-Commonwealth 

Ayyaz Mohammed (2).jpg
Flag of United Kingdom.jpg
Mohammed Ayyaz, London


Rotary Club of Newham, District 1130.  Rotarian for 6 years
Classification: Local Government Officer-Community Development Specialist 

Assistant Governor 2019-22

McCarvell Norm (002).jpg
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Norm McCarvell, Nelson, BC


The Rotary Club of Nelson, BC. District 5080. Rotarian for 13 years

Classification: Emergency Health Care  

District Governor 2014-15, Council on Resolution Representative 2017-20

Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park Director 2015-21

Club Scholarship and International Committees Chair

RAG for Peace Member

Mubarak Salman 3 (2).jpg
Flag of Pakistan.jpg
Salman Mubarak, Multan, Punjab


Rotary Club of Multan Cantt, District 3272.  Rotarian for 19 years
Classification:  Portfolio Management
District International Service Chair 2018, Country Head, Assistant Governor 2005-06, RAG for Food and Plant Solutions 2017-22
Country Representative RAG Against Slavery 2017-22,
Country Chair, RAG for Population Development 2015-18

Ahmed Shehzad (2).JPG
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Shehzad Ahmed, Lahore, Punjab


Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison, District 3272.  Rotarian for 21 years

Classification:  Management Consulting

District Governor 2010-11, District Grants Chair 2018-21, District Rotary Peace Fellowships Chair 2017-18, District Trainer 2012-13, RAG for Blindness Prevention Chair, RAG for Peace Member, "World's Greatest Meal to Help End Polio" Regional Coordinator

Tony Sharma.jpg
Flag of United Kingdom.jpg
Tony Sharma, London


Rotary Club of Tower Hamlets, District 1130.  Rotarian for 26 years
Classification: Director, Institute of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers
District Governor 2019-20, District International Chair 2006-09,
District Polio Chairman 2016-17. RAG for Peace Member,
RAG against Slavery Member